Helge Alme - Shop Manager

Helge manages the Midgardsormen shop. He is keeping track of all tattooapointments, handeling phonecalls, helping customers in the shop, shipping merchandise from the webshop and handeling orders for the Midgardsormen Grafa print shop.

Fred Ivar Falck Husum - Tattooartist

Fred Ivar Falck Husum

Born October 10th 1971 in Kristiansand , he grew up in Kaupanger, Sogn and moved to Sandnes in -95 where he made his living by doing leatherwork.

In -98 he started tattooing and after four years of working as an apprentice , he started his own studio, Midgardsormen.

Closest to his heart is fantasy, semirealistic and viking style tattoos, not only in black and grey but also colorwork.


Marlene Horge - Tattooaprentice

Marlene R Horge

Born April 14th 1980. She grew up in Kaupanger, Sogn og Fjordane.

Arts and crafts has always been her interest, and she has 6 years of formal education in the subject. Amongst them cheramics and woodcarving. In 2008 she started her own business in the old barn and called it Amla Kunst og Håndverk, a place where she could use her skills creativly.

In the summer of 2012 she was asked to join Midgardsormen as an aprentice for tattooing. This was a direct result of her previous artistic work. She accepted proudly and say she is very happy to be a part of the Midgardsormen crew.


Geir Falck Husum - Piercingartist

Geir Falck Husum

Born December 22nd 1974.

His interest in piercing started when he was offered the opportunity to work as a piercing artist at Midgardsormen in 2002. Along with his skill his interest in piercing has grown deeper.Today his insight in the art of piercing is as impressive as his gentle way to take care of you as a customer.

Geir also work  in the Midgardsormen Grafa print shop, where he prints t-shirts, there among the Midgardsormen Valhalla series and for other companies.

Ågot Marie Resaland- Midgardsormens "Great Little helper"

Sometimes you may be lucky enough to attend our little helper. Ågot comes and goes as she pleases. When she is here she takes the initiative and will be happy to assist you. She is a valuable addition in the Midgardsormen Crew.