Tattooing is a permanent drawing created by adding pigment into the skin of humans. Tattoos have a long tradition in human history, a heritage. It can actually be traced back to the roots of human origins. Tattoos have been part of the culture since the early Stone Age. Indigenous people worldwide have a long tradition of tattooing themselves. Japanese tattoos have been around for thousands of years.

It is more common to have tattoos today than not having it. You can see them everywhere. At the supermarket, in the locker room, on the back, shoulders and even the face, on television and in the mirror. Tattoos seem to be more and more popular and are here to stay.

The choices are many, and this means that you have the ability to get exactly what you are looking for. You can choose to tattoo the standard design that you can find in the flash galerie, or you can compose your own tattoo. Or get a unique tattoo that no one else has, wich can actually tell us something about you and your personality. This is becoming more and more popular since the clients often want to express their own mind and attitude. While tattoo artists are proficient and the equipment gets better, this is possible in far greater way today than just a few years back.

When it comes to finding a unique design , you should take your time before you go to the tattoo artist. Do your peparation and research up front. Find good reference photos and think about the size, location and style.

It is also important that you find a tattoo artist who is skilled and familiar with the style you are looking for. Check refernces, portfolio and hygiene at the studio.


There are many tatto styles, here is a small introduction that might inspire you.

Black and Gray: This is a style where the tattooist uses black ink in various neuances to create a tattoo in all shades from light to dark. This is a very poular style, probably largely because of its simplicity and powerful expression. Some of the best known for their work in this style is amongst others, Bob Tyrell and Robert Hernandez.

Biomech: Have originated from artist H.R. Gieger who is the man behind the design of the Alien movies. Two of the most famous tattoo artists in this genre is Aaron Cain and Gay Atchinson. In this genre the tattoo artist combine biological and mechanical structures in a very realistic way. Occurs in both black & grey and color.

Oriental: Consists of motifs from Chinese and Japanese art. They are executed with a sofisticated, colorful and detailed finish. In oriental tattoos are commonly seen flowers along with koi fish, dragons and the like. There is much symbolism in these tattoos. Authentic oriental tattoos is placed under strict rules of execution and has a long tradition in the East.

Tribal: Abstract lines or a form of design which could be for instance a plant or animal. Tribal is usually solid black, but sometimes it is shaded or has shaded areas. The symbolism of tribal are among other power, strength, skill and loyalty. They are characteristic of ideologies of the older cultures from which they originate. Some of the most popular types of tribal are: Maori, Haida and Polynesia. A well known tribal artist is Leo Zulueta.

Old school: This is simple tattoo motifs from earlier days. The characteristics of old school are clear lines and simple colors. The design is, amongst other from the sea, pin ups, eagles, hearts etc.

New school: Surrealist style with bright colors and often thick lines. The designs can be anything.

Fantasy: Here the tattoos are based on imagination. Angels, warlocks, demons or gargoyles. the only limit is your imagination. Well known artist in this genre is Boris from Hungary.

Portrait: Tattoos of faces. This can be a family member, a famous artist or an actor. Since it is important to include personal traits in the portrait, it is important that you find a tattoo artist who is good at this particular style. A well known artist is Nikko Hurtado.

Realistic: Any subject which is designed for a more realistic look. Sets high standards for artistic excellence from the tattoo artist. Popular designs are animals, flowers and landscapes. Renowned tattoo artist in the genre is Dmitriy Samohin from Ukraine.

Celtic: These can be quite masculine tattoos and consists of various knots. Celtic tattoos originate from Ireland. A Celtic tattoo that is probably most used in this style is the cross.

Font (Typographic): There are many types of writing, and many types of languages that can be tattooed. The mind is the limit. Often names of kids, song lyrics or movie quotes. Mabe a sentence saying something about life or anything else that seems inspiring.

Horror: Dark and sinister motives, often from the movies. Often done in black and gray.

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Q: How old must I be to have my tattoo made?
A: You must be 18 years of age.

Q: But if allowed by Mom or Dad?
A: 18 years. No exceptions. Credentials Obligation!

Q: Is it painful to tattoo?
A: Yes. It's a little painful, but probably not as painful as you fear.

Q: Where does it hurt the most?
A: It is difficult to say because the degree of pain is perceived very differently from person to person. Generally speaking, it hurts more in sensitive places such as side on stomach/torso, under the feet, inside of hands, armpits, etc.

Q: Do you give anesthesia?
A: No, unfortunately we have no possibility to give anesthesia.

Q: Does it take a long time?
A: It varies greatly depending on how big the tattoo is. A small tattoo can be made in half hour, whereas a larger can take all day. Large tattoos must be done over several days, usually with a break of at least one to two weeks in between. The tattoo should be allowed to heal before the next session. Because of this really big projects can take months or years to complete.

Q : How much does it cost?
A: Prices vary by size. All standard drawings in the shop has a fixed price. The smallest beginning in 1500, - A medium tattoo will cost roughly 3000, - to 5000, - and a larger one mabe 8 or 10 000,- For really large tattoos or projects, come in and ask for a price. If you have your own design, you can take the drawing to us and we can give you a price.

Q: How will the tattoo heal?
A: See the link above "aftercare."

Q: Do color tattoos fade more than blacks. A: Generally no, but sometimes it can apear so, because black gives a stronger contrast to the skin than eg. yellow or white.

Q: Do tattoos need refill?
A: Sometimes tey do. Usually, it is easy to see if a touch up is needed, but please come in for an assessment if you are unsure.

If the tattoo needs refilling, this is usually done after three to six months.

Q: How much does it cost to filling.
A: This must be considered in each case.

Q: Can a tattoo be removed?
A: Yes. Please contact a laser clinic with good reputation for such a job. Removal of tattoos can lead to scarring.

Q: Can I get a tattoo that disappears after a few years?
A: No, we do only permanent tattoos.

If you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.