Nipple, eyebrow, bellybutton, nose, ear.     490,-NOK
Lip, toungue, Madonna.                            590,-NOK
Natriumklorid.                                            70,-NOK
Corsodyl.                                                  80,-NOK

Discount by two or more piercings at the same time 50,-NOK each.



Age limit is 16 years.
14 years if accompanied by parent or guardian to sign the declaration.
Please remember credentials.

Niplepiercing 18 years


Piercings are a popular type of body decoration in which bodyjewelery is inserted through holes in the body. Piercing has a long history. Mummies from several thousand years ago is found with ear piercings, such as Ötzi from 3300 BC. In the ninties the trend became particularly popular in developed countries,and is still very prevalent.


Today one can pierce almost any place in the skin, but the most common piercings are in ears, nose, eyebrows, lips, navel, tongue and nipples.

Attitudes towards piercing is different. Some look at the piercing or being pierced as a spiritual act. Some see it as a form of art, self-realization or fashion, while others choose to be pierced as a form of sexual expression. In most countries some people find some forms of body piercing prejustice and may refuse piercing as part of your work uniform. 


Is it painful to get a piercing?
The degree of pain is relative from one person to the next. One may compare it with regular injections. Good hygiene is essential to avoid problems during the time the healing time. Infection and scarring may occur and is best prevented with proper cleaning and care. Listen to the piercing artist recommendations.

It is important to remember a piercing can take a long time to heal properly. Healing period for ear/lip /eyebrow is normally 6-8 weeks. Toungue about 3-6 weeks, 8-16 weeks for the nipples. One must expect some longer healingtime in the bellybutton, because clothes and belts may irritate and disturb the piercing while it heals. To properly heal trough a piercing can take up to six months. Do not remove the piercing for long periods of time until the piercing is fully healed.

There are very few who get seriously ill from the piercing. But it is important to remember that one is particularly susceptible to infection until the wound is healed. Infections can appear in the form of bags wounds, rashes or red and irritated skin around the piercing. If you are unsure if you have an infection or a form of response you should contact us or your doctor.




Piercing - Norwegian nynorsk

Piercing - Norwegian bokmål

Piercing toungue - Norwegian nynorsk

Piercing toungue - Norwegian bokmål





Q: How old must I be to be able to get a piercing?
A: You must be 16 years old or 14 yearsif  accompanied by a parent. Girls must be at least 18 years old to get nipple piercing. Credentials Obligation!

Q: Does it hurt?
A: Yes. It hurts. But it is soon gone, and some piercings are less painful than others.

Q: Do you give anesthesia?
A: No. Sorry, but we have no possibility to give anesthesia. 

Q: What kind of piercing is the most and least painful?
A: Nipples are usually painful while the tongue is generally less painful. People experience pain very differently. What seem very painful to some is less painful for others.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: See price list above.

Q: I am red around the navel. Is it inflammation?
A: No, it is not unusual that the navel is red or reddish for up to three months.

Q: The piercing fluids. Is it the inflammation?
A: The body separates liquid all the time. Liquid takes the easiest way out. If the liquid is cloudy or white, it is quite normal for a new piercing. If the fluid on the other hand has a green / yellow color that piercing might be inflamed.

Q: What should I do if the piercing is infected?
A: The treatment can be different depending on what kind of piercing you have and how inflamed it is. Therefore come in to us as soon as possible and we will do what we can to help you.

Q: Can I take out the piercing if it is inflamed?
A: It is usually not recommended, because chances are the wound will close before the inflammation is gone. The inflammation will then be trapped and cause small "boils" at work.

Q: I would like a barbell in the bellybutton. Why do I have to start with the ring?
A: Navel piercing is one of the piercings taking the longest time to heal and are therefore more vulnerable to inflammation than other piercings. If you have a bar or barbell in the navel, the upper ball will lie close to your skin and clog. This is good conditions for bacteria and bacteria thrive well. With a ring you will avoid some of these problems and the risk of infection is much less. You can change the barbell as soon as the piercing is fully healed.

Q: I have a small "lump / bump" near the piercing. What should I do?
A: The lump is confined bacteria. The lump must be drained. Come back to us for help.

Q: I have heard that my tongue swell when you take tongue piercing. Is that correct?
A: Yes. The amount varies from one person to the next, but mostly for the first few days. In order to reduce the swelling you should ice down your tongue as much as possible for the first 4 days. See full guidance on the links above. Piercing in the lip and can also lead to some degree of swelling.

Q: Is it dangerous the pierce the tongue?
A: No, it's not dangerous. But one should take seriously the fact that one has taken a piercing and follow the instructions on cleaning and hygiene from the piercing studio. A fresh piercing is a wound until it is healed, and must be treated as such. Good hygiene is important!

Q: I have taken the piercing in eyebrow and have a "black eye". Is it normal?
A: No. It's not common but it can happen and is not dangerous. Hepatica goes away by itself after a short time.

Q: When can I swich piercing to another one?
A: It depends on what piercing you have. A nose or tongue piercing may normally be changed after about 4 weeks. Navel and nipple about 3 months. This is estimated times and all piercings must be considered individually. Have you been unlucky and had some inflammation in the piercing it may take some more time. We urge to head to us, so we can see the piercing and possibly help with the change.

Q: What type of cleaning product should I use?
A: Oral Piercing: Corsodyl mouthwash. Ear/nose, navel, eyebrow etc: Sodium chloride (sterile salt water). You can download complete guidelines for cleaning and processing the link above.

Piercing the tongue or lips may cause damage to tooth enamel or gum. It is advised consult your upfront or if you experience any problems. If in doubt, talk with your dentist first.

Q: Can piercings cause permanent or visible marks/scars?
A: Yes, it can happen. If you take the piercing out again after a while, in most cases the hole grows back in. As a rule, there will be a small dot where the piercing has been. Have you been unlucky and had the inflammation in the piercing, it may become a small scar or a small lump.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us.